For us, for our society, and for the coming 22nd century

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Mission 22nd

22nd Inc. is a social enterprise that conducts entertainment business based on its mission: “For us, for our society, and for the coming 22nd century.” 22nd works towards creating a better society for humanity in the 22nd century and providing entertainment to the people around the world.  We aim to be a social entertainment company.

22nd Records

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Fashion & Beauty


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[VLOG] 🏫 Chadwick International School Daily Vlog🏫

This Vlog is about a school day at Chadwick International. If you have any questions about our school, please leave your comments below. Thanks for watching and please like and subscribe to our channel!

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Yehin - 'Memory Trace'

Yehin 's first digital single 'Memory Trace'

was released through all domestic music sites.

Thank you for your interest and love.

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